Individuals and families

On your own, with family or friends

You can visit the memorial by yourself. The tour provides a lot of information, in the form of texts, films, sounds… 

But you can also donwload our smartphone application for free.

This “tour companion” presents:

  • The life of six great witnesses who have made it through the trials of history
  • Commentaries on the rooms
  • Applications for interaction with the scenography
  • “Go further” tabs

For two hours, you will be immersed in a grippind scenery. With the help of videos, sounds, posters, photos etc. You will be able to understand the special history of inhabitants of Alsace-Moselle. 

Note: The Memorial tour may be done with your family, children included. The tour journey does not contain scenes or images inappropriate for children or that may affect their sensibility.

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