1940 - The deportation of people from Alsace and Moselle

The deportation of people from Alsace and Moselle

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  • 1940 – The deportation of people from Alsace and Moselle


The politically opposed Alsatians-Moselle were deported. They were found in all the camps of the Great Reich.

We can mention the case of the 42 Alsatian officers deported to Neuengamme for having refused to swear an oath to Hitler and of which 22 died there, the Alsatian Moselle deportees to Struthof (including those coming from the Fort of Queuleu), Ravensbrück (338 deportees from the region, 73 of whom did not return), Buchenwald (students from the University of Strasbourg, who had been deported to Clermont-Ferrand, were rounded up at the end of November 1943 and deported to Ravensbrück).

Homosexuals have also been deported from Alsace and Moselle. In annexed territory, Alsatian and Moselle homosexuals were subject to German legislation against homosexuality.

The deportation of Jews from Alsace-Moselle (Jews born in Alsace-Moselle but also German and Austrian Jews, refugees in the area since 1933) was mostly done from France.

The deportation of the Jews of Alsace Moselle (Jews born in Alsace Moselle but also German and Austrian Jews who had taken refuge in Alsace Moselle since 1933) was mainly carried out from France.

Since the year 1940 Alsace and the Moselle are “Jewishrein”, –that is, cleansed of the Jews. Jews in those territories had not been allowed to return from the evacuation in 1940, or expelled the same year. They suffered the fate of French Jews (rape, transit camps and deportation). It is estimated that about 1,500 Jews died in the extermination camps in the Moselle and about 1,200 in Alsace.