1940 - 1944 : Repression and the camps in Alsace-Moselle

Repression and the camps
In Alsace-Moselle

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  • 1940 – 1944 : Repression and the camps in Alsace-Moselle

From 1940 to 1944

Beginning in 1940, German law and the code for penal procedure were introduced in Alsace-Moselle, and were coupled with the establishment of a system of repression: a Nazi re-training camp opened in Schirmeck on 2 August 1940 and one year later, the Germans installed Struthof in the town of Natzwiller. In the three départements, prisons multiplied, in which all types of objectors were imprisoned.

After judgment before German tribunals, the condemned were also sent to German prisons, in particular to Halle and Torgau…and some were even guillotined.

The Queleu Fort opened in Moselle in October 1943, where between 1,600 and 1,800 Resistance fighters were tortured for several weeks or months before all being transferred to the camps at Struthof (in the case of the men) or Schirmeck (for women).